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Charity Stallholders Guide

Charities, Groups & Craft/Hobby Stallholders Guide Incorporating Rules and Regulations 


Honiton Market Charter Day operates under the umbrella of the Honiton Market Charter. The organisers are therefore exempt from ‘Street Trading Consent’ enforceable in most other areas by EDDC, which we can happily pass on to all our patrons. We are also primarily funded by a grant from Honiton Town Council. The day is organised and orchestrated by the Honiton Market Charter Planning Group, a group of volunteers who have been running the event since its inception in 2007. 

We ask you to read the following, respect the rules, and if we have missed anything or you have any questions, please feel free to ask! 

1. Registering 

All charities and groups taking a stall at Honiton Market Charter Day must have pre-submitted a completed booking form specifying the name of charity or group, a relevant contact name and details, and the nature of the specific stall. 

Allocated space will be available on Allhallows Playing Fields (EX14 1QW) or in Northcote Lane (EX14 1NE), as so specified by the individual exhibitor. Space within Northcote Lane and Allhallows Playing Field may become limited depending on the number of participants booked. Whilst every attempt will be made to meet your preferred pitch location, this cannot be guaranteed. Those affected (if any) will be informed once the layout has been agreed by the committee. We will be sending out a site plan a week before the event so you can see where your pitch will be. Pitches are £10 for charities, groups and craft/hobby stallholders; the deadline for submissions is Friday 12th July 2024. No admittance will be considered without a pre-submitted booking form. 

2. Setting Up 

Allhallows Field: Access to the field will be available from 7.30am. Please DO NOT arrive earlier than this, as the setting up team need time to discuss the layout of the field and mark out the pitches. Patrons are requested to enter the field from the access point at the junction of Northcote Lane and School Lane (Lat/Long. 50.800902, -3.190820). The organisers would appreciate patrons to be fully set up by 9.30am, with the day officially beginning at 10.00am. Parking for one car is permitted behind the allocated pitch. On the day, there will be clearly marked officials co-ordinating and marshalling affairs at Allhallows Playing Field, and we request that vehicles do not exceed 5mph whilst on the field. Please check in with one of our officials, to be sited. All equipment (table, chairs, gazebos, etc.) must be supplied by the individual charity or group; the organisers offer the space only. Patrons are welcome to bring gazebos. Any large gazebos or vehicles over 3m x 3m should be brought to the attention of the organisers PRIOR to arrival. 

Northcote Lane: Please liaise with a marshal on arrival, to be positioned and checked in. The area will be accessible from 7.30am and charities and groups are permitted to site a vehicle for the sole purpose of unloading and setting up their stall. All motorised vehicles must be vacated from the vicinity once pitches are in place. As with Allhallows Playing Field, individual charities or groups will be responsible for all necessary stall furniture including any tables and chairs. Stall furniture must not exceed 3 metres in any direction due to the narrowness of Northcote Lane and it is requested that tables are no longer than 2 metres in length.  All stalls must be set up by 9.30am and vehicles vacated. There is limited free parking at The Beehive, Dowell Street, EX14 1LZ and there are also pay-and-display car parks situated nearby: Silver Street, EX14 1NP; Lace Walk off Dowell Street, EX14 1LT; New Street, EX14 1DN. 


3. Insurance 

All stallholders, situated at both Allhallows Playing Field and Northcote Lane, must have their own Public Liability Insurance in place and proof of such with them on the day unless previously provided.  

4. Siting of Pitches 

Positioning of pitches on Allhallows field will operate on our pre-designated site map which has been submitted to EDDC. On entering the field, our marshals will be able to direct you to your pitch.

Marshals will also position those setting up in Northcote Lane. Pitching is not permitted within the bollarded section at the top of the lane, leading to the High Street.  

5. Trade Limitation 

The organisers retain the right to refuse any exhibit that is considered dangerous or detrimental to the day’s proceedings. Only those formally registered will be permitted to remain at either of the designated locations. 

6. Major Incident 

In the event of a major incident on Allhallows Playing Fields or down Northcote Lane, please move swiftly but safely to the paved area on the junction of Northcote Lane, Silver Street and School Lane (Lat/Long. 50.800833, -3.190879) and await further instructions from the organisers. 

7. Health and Safety Regulations 

In the interests of Health and Safety, all stallholders are requested to operate any equipment as advised by the manufacturer. No private generators or gas operated equipment are permitted in Northcote Lane. Private generators, with up-to-date PAT testing, are allowed on Allhallows pitches. Stallholders must have fully operational fire extinguishers present for such equipment. Melvyn Baldock from Section 19 Training Ltd, is providing on-site first aid and all stallholders should familiarise themselves with the location of the First Aid Post. Please be advised that Charter Day is an ‘open air’ event and stallholders should make all necessary provisions with regard to protection from the elements. The organisers will not be held responsible for any damage or injury to any specific stall or stallholder. There is a risk assessment in place and any stallholder wishing to view, may do so by prior request. The organisers would also strongly recommend that all participants complete risk assessments for their own stalls. Stalls will be checked periodically throughout the day. 

8. Extreme Weather 

I. The organisers reserve the right to cancel proceedings at Allhallows Playing Fields, in the event of extreme weather, as so stipulated by the owners, EDDC, in the written risk assessment. Any such decision will be made on the night before Charter Day. In this event, and depending on available space, all booked stallholders situated at Allhallows Playing Field will be relocated to Northcote Lane. 

II. Pitching in Northcote Lane will be at the individual stallholder’s discretion. Whilst cancellation of proceedings at Allhallows Playing Field will be a last resort, the organisers will make every effort to get in touch with all concerned; however, we advise all traders to keep up-to-date with social media posts and our website www.honitonmarketcharterday.co.uk

9. Litter and Waste 

Stallholders must keep their stand and adjacent areas clear of litter and any other objects that may cause harm to the public and other stallholders. At the end of the day, individual exhibitors are responsible for the removal of any litter or refuse produced by their stall. 

10. Facilities

Please be advised that there is no provision for mains water or electricity to individual stalls. Toilet facilities are available on Allhallows Field (portaloos) and in the local area. Please do not use the Leisure Centre’s toilet.

11. Security

The organisers cannot be held responsible for the security and safety of the stalls or stock during the course of the event.

12. Nuisance

Whilst present, stallholders must adhere to the instructions issued by the organisers/marshals. All stallholders are asked to conduct themselves with due respect to local residents and others trading at, and visiting the event. Any stallholders causing a nuisance may be asked to vacate their spot by the organisers.

13. Vacating

Stallholders at Allhallows Playing Field are requested by the organisers not to start dismantling their stalls before 4.00pm. We ask all drivers to exercise caution as there will still be pedestrians accessing the area. Marshals will lead you off the field.

14. Cancellation

Where a stallholder withdraws from the day, or cancels the space reserved for them for any reason, or fails to attend, we will request the pitch be paid for owing to limited availability.

15. Theme Participation

This year, the theme for Charter Day is ‘the 80th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings’ and all stallholders are encouraged to dress either their stall or themselves in suitable clothing/decorations. Whilst this is by no means compulsory, participation significantly contributes to the day and there are prizes and awards for the best dressed stallholders and decorated stall.

16. Contact Details

If there are any queries, please feel free to contact the Chairman, Lucy Wakefield, at charterday@outlook.com.

We wish you a prosperous and enjoyable day!


Charter Day 2024

This year’s event takes place on Saturday 20 July 2024.

Only 8 days to go


It’s not too late to book a stall at this year’s event.

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Honiton Market Charter Day is organised by a group of volunteers who meet once a month throughout the year.

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